A Cover Letter To Whom It May Concern

02/13/20142 Min Read — In Office, Testing

QUALITY ASSURANCE IS MORE THAN TRYING TO BREAK SOFTWARE It's about finding empirical evidence of alignment of project needs, vision, and strategy.

The project needs constant and immediate feedback. You're on a budget and that includes time and attention. You can't wait for a department head two floors down to wade through pages of test cases and authorize a plan and wrangle in a zombie "QA Analyst" to come execute a series of unthinking test scripts and have those results passed along in some miles-long pass/fail report of negligible value. That's not the kind of team you've built and that doesn't map to the ever-changing needs and adaptations of your projects. You need to allay risk.

Your team needs a technically minded human with an arsenal of personal and industry heuristics, standing on a base of platform knowledge to wield their clever mind like a weapon. You need someone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with any developer, designer, manager, owner or user and speak in their terms about issues they care about in ways the whole team understands. Someone who will be able to show their work and explain and defend their tactics to any stakeholder. Someone who can give immediate temperature reads on each part of the product. Having a person on your team who is constantly exploring and questioning assumptions is not a luxury, it's a necessity.

I am that person. I love being in that role for my teams & projects, and delight in shipping software.

I am a fervent exploratory tester and a systems-thinking power user. I am adept at putting myself in someone else's shoes and identifying both functional flaws and pinpointing things that could (and should!) be made better, stronger, faster. I love technology and understand how apps and software are developed. I am a natural synthesizer of lots of information from a myriad of sources. I pool from every available detail and then coalesce it all with my own ideas and experience to make sure that team member's blind spots are well illuminated and every reasonable effort to expose defects has been exhausted.

I take pride in making sure that every bit and byte that the team puts out into the world has been well tested and is of the highest quality possible. I think creatively, champion and make use of many forms of testing, have a passion for learning new things, and am not even a little scared by technical challenges.

If your product or department could use me, I'd love to see if we can collaborate on something robust and beautiful together.