Are You Head or Hands?

03/22/20181 Min Read — In Office

Hands. They're important but replaceable. Anyone can tap out the code. Anyone can file that bug report. Anyone can run stand-up. These all need to be done. We can all pitch in.

Not all of us can keep a team motivated. Not just anyone can see around corners. Not everyone can negotiate. Not everyone is thinking 10 steps ahead. Not everyone can run interference. Not everyone can empower people to do their best work. These aren't manager-only things.

What are you doing to not just be a cog in the machine but a linchpin that holds things together? Are you load-bearing? Being an individual contributor doesn't stop you from being a leader.

There is a place for 'good enough' for now. There is room for meeting and not exceeding expectations. But those all fall after you've earned it.