Are You Leaving Behind a Mark?

04/03/20181 Min Read — In Office

I noticed that the only thing some people leave behind at work is a custom emoji or two in the company Slack. Nothing in Dropbox. Nothing in the company wiki. Nothing that can be pointed to. Then I feared this about myself. I know I left a lot of emoji and bot responses and loading messages in the Slack. But was that it? Some goofy fun that could be erased at any second. That didn't sit right with me.

They say to put on your résumé something that indicates what you brought to the table that no one else could. What would your employer say to that? You are good at gifs? A plus emoji game? Is that the impact that you want to have made?

You can dent a company culture but that only lives in hearts and minds and then fades into the way things are. Maybe that's what you left behind. But who can tell?

Write documentation. Build a resource. Make a tool. Create forms and templates. Scratch your name on the wall. Leave your mark.