Articles I've pitched but will never actually write

07/24/20151 Min Read — In Office, Testing

For the company blog. I'm ok at titles but who doesn't fancy themselves an ideas man? My draft bucket is out of control.

  • Using Instruments To Test Your iOS App For the Complete and Total Noob
  • Kaleidoscope as a Test Tool
  • Project Smells
  • Why We Would Love To Use GitHub Issues But We Cannot
  • UX + QA = <3
  • Code Coverage Won't Save You
  • Simple Mobile Security Stuff for Mere Mortals
  • Does Having QA Make Developers Lazy?
  • What Do Testers Actually Do?
  • Using Trello to Coordinate Test Coverage
  • 7 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve VoiceOver Support In Your iOS App
  • Agile Isn't the Problem, You Are