Catching Up on Front End Web Dev

11/04/20181 Min Read — In Development, Career

Circa 2005-2007 I was obsessed with Ruby and then later Rails. 2007-2009 was when I was really into web dev and was writing PHP to talk to MySQL and also pretending I knew anything about design. Boy was I wrong. This is probably when I was writing the most code in my life.

But around 2009 I fell into IT. 2011 I landed into testing, test automation, PM etc. I've been on the testing and project management side of webdev for a while now. I haven't made more than a simple HTML/CSS landing page in the last few years. I've been on the testing end of React and Node projects since ~2015 but never bothered to learn the stack.

Recently I've been mucking around with Vue and React to spin up some side projects and WOW. I love it so much. Vue is great. I missed CSS. React it hard but so powerful. So much stuff has happened since I've been sidetracked with IT, QA, PM etc. It's been such a pleasure to crank out projects in modern web stacks. Makes me want to actually learn Javascript a whole lot better.

where my head has been lately:

  • wish they had flexbox when i was a kid
  • css grid might be too magic for me
  • do we still need resets, seems like it
  • variables, in MY CSS, well I never!
  • do we still care about microformats
  • is print.css still a thing?
  • view height CSS!? what a time to be alive!
  • code schools should start teaching Vue/React from day one