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DDefendCon 2019

06/07/20191 Min Read — In Conferences, Career, Development, Testing

Looking for some local security focused conferences and found DefendCon is happening in Seattle on Sept 26-27, 2019! They are still in CFP mode but speaking of cook acronyms, looks like they even…

AAssert JS Conf 2019

05/11/20191 Min Read — In Conferences, Career, Development, Testing

Assert(JS) Conf is back for 2019. If you're serious about testing in the modern JavaScript world, I recommend checking it out. This will be in Toronto on September 12th, 2019. The tickets are on…

DDevOpsDays Seattle 2019 Notes

04/24/20192 Min Read — In Career, Conferences Just got done with a local DevOpsDays conference. It was a hybrid single track plus OpenSpace style event. I missed a lot of talks for…

SSeattle Vue Meetup

03/17/20191 Min Read — In Career, Conferences, Development

Hello Seattle Vue party people. I've had a blast learning Vue recently and saw that Seattle now has a meetup group! I'll see you there!

PPost Modern Testing

01/24/20191 Min Read — In Conferences, Testing

Way back in October 2012 I attended an Unconference put on by Deloitte folks around Mobile+Agile+QA and I heard Jason Arbon talking and was mesmerized. This guy was spitting truth and talking about…

PPyDx 2016 Report

10/03/20161 Min Read — In Conferences, Ops, Testing, Development

I've been heads-down in Python lately and love an excuse to go to Portland. So I saw PyDX conference pop-up and had to attend! Quick review: The talks were half squishy, half technical, I would prefer…

CCAST 2016 Favorite Talks

08/11/20161 Min Read — In Conferences, Testing

I gotta admit, I am pretty burnt out on spending \$2000USD to hear the same talks over and over again. These, however, from CAST this year were pretty great and worth your time! Why Companies Without…

RReinventing Testers Retreat, Orcas Island

05/20/20161 Min Read — In Conferences, Testing

I'll write more later, still ingesting it all, but I had a good time and stretched my mind a little. Met lots of folks. Rode in a tiny waterplane. Good stuff. Role Dynamics Testopsies Heuristics of…

WWWDC 2014

06/06/20141 Min Read — In Conferences

Back at Moscone for World Wide Developer Conference 2014! Still can't talk about all this cool stuff under NDA but check out the goofy swag that I will never wear again.

TTesting Night with James Bach

08/08/20131 Min Read — In Conferences, Testing

Tacit knowledge plays a huge role in our ability to test, and that's why so many people think that testing is simple and easy. Ask any experienced tester how to test and you are likely to get mumbles…

CCocoaConf 2012 PDX!

10/27/20121 Min Read — In Conferences

It's happening! Another conference in the books. Took a train down with my boss to learn about iOS Test Automation.