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SShine Bright Like a Diamond

06/10/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office

Very excited to be working with the Sketch team starting this week. Had a great time with some of the folks attending WWDC and LayerConf.

SShould Accountants Learn To Code

05/09/20191 Min Read — In Office, Career

The robots are coming and they are us. Everyone should go to a code school not only because code school grads aren't wanted for most dev jobs but your office roles are begging for your Jr dev…

LLast Day At Foundry Interactive

04/30/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office

After 5 years at Black Pixel and 1.5 years at 800 5th Ave , it's time again. Watch me age in reverse! Here's to 3 cool years at Foundry Interactive .

AAchievement Unlocked

04/16/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office, Security

I don't know how much I've been able to accomplish at the office but I did meet one goal at least. Getting half the office to pick their first locks! If you're in Seattle, you can get a starter…

MMarch 2019 Link Dump

03/31/20192 Min Read — In Office, Resources

I really do spam links a lot. I feel like this month slowed down from some previous months . These are in no particular order. seattle js meetp :taco: :woman-shrugging:…

SSpring Cleaning

03/20/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office

When was the last time you ran brew cleanup or maybe a docker system prune -a or even a xcrun simctl delete unavailable eh? Spring cleaning, y’all! And don't forget to BACK UP YOUR DISK!

FFrom A Mentee

02/22/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office

I'm not crying, you're crying. Sidenote: I hate the term mentor/mentee. I believe in co-mentorship and skillsharing, we all have our own experiences and skills to lend each other.

GGraph QLub

02/12/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office, Resources, Development

My team is doin' this free GraphQL online bootcamp together and levelin' up en masse. Like anything free, buyer beware, but it's super fun so far and my team self organized and even did the homework…

JJanuary 2019 Link Dump

01/31/20192 Min Read — In Career, Office, Resources, Security, Testing

Wrap up of January links I thought were interesting that I posted to my team throughout January. Testing, Quality, Ops, Sec :foxwave:…

CChange Your Password Forever

01/27/20191 Min Read — In Office, Security

We haven't yet been able to get rid of passwords. Every other day I spam my team with this or that breach notice in Slack, they're so often they are hard to differentiate. For my team, I look up their…

22019 Treat Yourself

12/29/20181 Min Read — In Office

Get prepared. Get pumped. Get organized. 2019 is basically here. My favorite thing to order every year:

22018 Learning Slack Channel Link Dump

12/28/20182 Min Read — In Office, Resources

Much like my #softwaretesting channel contributions, I also spam a larger team-wide channel dubbed "LearnChan". This is 2018's output.…

22018 QA and Test Slack Channel Link Dump

12/27/20185 Min Read — In Office, Testing

In the #softwaretesting channel at work, I post the output of my adventures in self-edification and any interesting links I encounter on the 27 Slacks, 3 Discords, 500 RSS feeds and 1 well manicured…

SSlightly Smiling Face

11/15/20181 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

A recent Slack exchange in a Project Mangement group. I hang out in too many Slack channels. Why are people like this? Please call out bullshit when you see it. Christine Nov 14th at 5:14 AM Hi…

LLogic Mag is great

09/23/20181 Min Read — In Office

I just discovered Logic mag. As a tester, developer and all around software professional, I am duty-bound to learn about failures, bugs and various technological foibles. I ran into a tale of an…

AAnother Cool Calendar Tool

06/18/20181 Min Read — In Hiring, Office

I love Calendly for coordinating meetings with people who can't see my calendar. It's extremely useful for recruiting and hiring, however, I didn't really like having to auth access to all of my…

GGet Computer Glasses, They Are Worth It

05/28/20181 Min Read — In Office

Even if you don't need glasses, if you're looking at screens all day, please consider getting blue blocking computer glasses. I got a pair and they have made such a huge difference. Absolutely worth…

SSafety Dance As Our Safe Word

05/25/20181 Min Read — In Office

Safe words aren't just for lascivious matters. You can set and make them in any context to provide an in or out for trusted parties. I woke up today with one ringing out in my head for the ladies in…

AAre You Leaving Behind a Mark?

04/03/20181 Min Read — In Office

I noticed that the only thing some people leave behind at work is a custom emoji or two in the company Slack. Nothing in Dropbox. Nothing in the company wiki. Nothing that can be pointed to. Then I…

AAre You Head or Hands?

03/22/20181 Min Read — In Office

Hands. They're important but replaceable. Anyone can tap out the code. Anyone can file that bug report. Anyone can run stand-up. These all need to be done. We can all pitch in. Not all of us can keep…

CCool Tool for Booking Calendar Time

03/02/20181 Min Read — In Office

Trying to coordinate a meeting with your team is pretty easy when you can see each other's calendars. But when interviewing applicants, I had been going in blind, just doing a best-guess from either…

UUse Slack Reminders To Keep On Track

02/22/20181 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

Slack has a very simple yet powerful feature called Reminders. The syntax takes a little getting used to.   I've found them to be a low stress, high impact. Here's a few ways we've made them work for…

LLinkedIn Recommendations as a Gratitude Practice

02/21/20181 Min Read — In Office

There is a common mindfulness practice of writing a gratitude list. This serves to recenter your thinking on the good things and to focus on humility. Now take this thinking and turn it towards your…

II just learned about Bullet Journals

01/11/20181 Min Read — In Office

The amount of things I must document to survive the work day is enormous. I pretty much always have a notebook or two and a fist full of pens at the ready. I have stacks of filled journals. It's my…

DDumbo’s Feather

11/25/20171 Min Read — In Office

Working with a new team has shown me a lot of things that I was blind to, having come from IT and a senior-devs-only agency. I didn't know what it was like to work with people for whom it was their…

MMy First Windows Computer

10/16/20171 Min Read — In Office, Testing, Development

My new project is Windows-heavy. I have up to this point made a career out of avoiding anything to do with Web or Windows. Now I'm doing both and feeling a bit lost. To better myself and get some…

PPlease Relax: Acupuncture, Massage

08/30/20171 Min Read — In Office

I've been work-stressed lately, moving off one giant project and directly onto another. All those things I had wanted to do but never got around to. All those loose ends. All the ramping up and…

WWide Screen Monitor

08/29/20171 Min Read — In Office

Now that my long-term client-site staff-augmentation-style project is coming to a close, I will now be able to work from home. After working for a remote-first company for ~5 years, having to be on…

OOn Meetings

08/25/20171 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

A rule to live by is: never misuse time. Always communicate the meeting value to the attendees. To make the best use of meetings, please consider the following: Check your teammate's schedules before…

DDIY Standing Desk

09/10/20161 Min Read — In Office

I had a standing desk at my last job and really really missed it at the home so I fashioned one myself. I put a chair on my desk for the monitor and some LP boxes for the keyboard. It's actually…

CCode School Will Leave You Woefully Unprepared

07/16/20162 Min Read — In Hiring, Office

Let's face it. Code school barely taught you how to CSS. They handwaved it in your general direction. They only gave you rudimentary HTML skills and alluded to semantic tags and muttered something…

PPersonal Office Sec Checklist

05/08/20161 Min Read — In Office, Security

There are so many more things you could do but this is the minimum bar I set for my team, they're all software developers so I don't harass 'em too much. We're a BYOD shop but I still like to remind…

SShould Developers Learn To Code?

10/05/20151 Min Read — In Office

Yes, I'm having a laugh but this is serious. ...should designers learn to code ...should testers learn to code ...should project managers learn to code…

DDrinking From The Firehose

09/29/20151 Min Read — In Office, Project Management, Testing

Whether you are a PM or QA, you want to have your finger on the pulse of a project. If you've got Slack, you can leverage applications and integrations to find that vein. Create a dedicated channel in…

PPM Quick Tip: Project Vitals

06/15/20151 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

We all know that Documentation is Critical and Shared passwords are too . We may not always need a multi-page wiki document but getting a quick list of project vitals and pinning them in a Post in…

GGit For Everything

07/14/20141 Min Read — In Office

Put all your contracts in a Git repo. Reference SHAs with your lawyer. Do diffs with your CxOs.

AA Cover Letter To Whom It May Concern

02/13/20142 Min Read — In Office, Testing

QUALITY ASSURANCE IS MORE THAN TRYING TO BREAK SOFTWARE It's about finding empirical evidence of alignment of project needs, vision, and strategy. The project needs constant and immediate feedback…

NNow Hiring: QA @ Black Pixel

08/20/20132 Min Read — In Hiring, Office, Testing

RESPONSIBILITIES The kind of QA person we're looking for will know as much about the current state of the application's requirements as any developer, designer, or project manager. They will know the…

NNetNewsWire 4.0 Public Beta

06/24/20131 Min Read — In Career, Office

Everyone's favorite RSS app for the Mac has a new version out. It's a 4.0 Public Beta built from the bones of the Lite version. Check out the official announcement! Oh, and please file some bug…

AA Wild David Hoang Appears

05/31/20131 Min Read — In Office

Sometimes people are sort of like unicorns. You know they exist. You know they are magic. You don't know how you came to understand their magic. Then they suddenly appear in front of you! Mr Hoang…

KKaleidoscope 2 Is Here

01/17/20131 Min Read — In Career, Office

I can't say too much that couldn't be uncovered by participating in the public beta but it's finally here and official. I'm especially proud of a corner-use-case I advocated to get turned into a solid…

GGetting Rid of My Older Tech Books

12/18/20121 Min Read — In Career, Office

Any interest? Hit me or Craigslist up, I have more!! Computer books are the worst thing to invest in as they are out of date before they are even printed. The thirst for knowledge can't be quenched…

GGot A Standing Desk Today!

06/05/20121 Min Read — In Office

I wish there was more surface area and I think I need a mat but super stoked Black Pixel styled me out with a standing desk!!

BBaby's First Apple Line Up for New Hardware

03/16/20121 Min Read — In Office

Today we stood in line, in the rain, like a buncha goons, for new iPads. You can't really tell it's us, but we're just hanging out in University Village, having a good time.