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PPop OS Fix Endless Login Loop

05/12/20191 Min Read — In Resources, Ops, Development

Pop!OS recently updated to 19.04, after upgrading I found that I was unable to login to my desktop. This is what I did to get out of the issue. After much research I found that there are many…

DDot Dev

03/01/20191 Min Read — In Career, Ops, Development

I caved under absolutely no peer pressure whatsoever at all. Not a victim of social media pressure or marketing in the slightest. They're mine, all mine. &&

HHoliday Gift Guide for the CyberSyster in Your Life

11/23/20181 Min Read — In Ops

It's black friday. Time to crank up the consumerism for tchotchkes for your loved ones.  I have here, the ultimate gift guide for the opensourcer syster and/or codewitch in your life. Or, things I…

22017 PyCon Report

05/25/20171 Min Read — In Ops, Testing, Development

PyCon was giant. It felt like WWDC. Here's some stand-out talks. Ying Li, David Lawrence: Introduction to Threat Modeling Lynn Root: Tracing, Fast and Slow Digging into and improving your web service…

PPyDx 2016 Report

10/03/20161 Min Read — In Conferences, Ops, Testing, Development

I've been heads-down in Python lately and love an excuse to go to Portland. So I saw PyDX conference pop-up and had to attend! Quick review: The talks were half squishy, half technical, I would prefer…

GGetting Started With Postman

04/21/20161 Min Read — In Ops, Testing, Development

This is a collection of resources I've collected for getting my junior testers started with API testing. Postman is an incredibly friendly and useful rest tool I recommend to all. Brief Intro http…

GGit Goin For Newbs

06/24/20141 Min Read — In Ops

Wrote this up for my partner, taking intro to HTML & CSS at School of Visual Concepts. You don't have to be a Git master to leverage it for your projects. git init freely! Enough Git to Get Going If…

MMore Handy Git Stuff

02/22/20141 Min Read — In Ops, Resources

Recently I shared some scripts under Git Image Merge Conflict Tool and Quick and Dirty CI/CD Git Based Release Notes but I also have some git one liners that I use constantly that you may find…