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AAchievement Unlocked

04/16/20191 Min Read — In Career, Office, Security

I don't know how much I've been able to accomplish at the office but I did meet one goal at least. Getting half the office to pick their first locks! If you're in Seattle, you can get a starter…

GGo Get This New Book Tribe of Hackers

02/03/20191 Min Read — In Career, Security

This is just oozing with value. For a young teen deciding what direction they want to head into, it's full of real and practical life advice and stories of success and overcoming failure. For the…

JJanuary 2019 Link Dump

01/31/20192 Min Read — In Career, Office, Resources, Security, Testing

Wrap up of January links I thought were interesting that I posted to my team throughout January. Testing, Quality, Ops, Sec :foxwave:…

CChange Your Password Forever

01/27/20191 Min Read — In Office, Security

We haven't yet been able to get rid of passwords. Every other day I spam my team with this or that breach notice in Slack, they're so often they are hard to differentiate. For my team, I look up their…

IIt Is Time To Switch To Firefox

12/01/20181 Min Read — In Security, Development There is no cure all, there is no free lunch. Your privacy and rights matter and if you look around, it's hard to feel like any giant tech orgs agree…

II Finally Got A Yubikey

09/29/20181 Min Read — In Security

Our passwordless future is almost here. I put off getting one because I knew new ones were comin' and they are here! Check it out. Secure yo shit! Works with LastPass, Google, Twitter and browsers…

DDarknet Diaries

10/15/20171 Min Read — In Security, Resources

What if This American Life was about hackers? This new podcast is kinda like that! Check out Darknet Diaries

PPersonal Office Sec Checklist

05/08/20161 Min Read — In Office, Security

There are so many more things you could do but this is the minimum bar I set for my team, they're all software developers so I don't harass 'em too much. We're a BYOD shop but I still like to remind…

SSecurity and Privacy Checklist

12/15/20142 Min Read — In Security, Testing

I'm no sec wizard but we can all get a bit better at our app sec. This list is mostly mobile oriented but it's a start. Hope it helps jumpstart your appsec! Application Security & Privacy Basics Login…