Cypress Quick Tip: Debugging

11/15/20171 Min Read — In Resources, Testing, Development

I will admit, I don't really know JavaScript too well. I am not a webdev whiz but I do a fair amount of general debugging and sometimes outright stepping through a debugger to diagnose a problem.

Did you know that you can debug while you Cypress to help figure out your tests?! Well you can!!

My skill level is a bit more on the console.log(foo); level of things. I do know that you can put a debugger; statement in to step through things. I just don't always know where to put that debugger statement. With you can leverage debugger statements in your regular code and hit them in Cypress and that's GREAT. BUT if you want to put debugger statements into your cypress code then you should probably leverage .debug()

Check out the official documentation for more info! Considering most test suites are coming from the outside, and Cypress is coming in from the INSIDE, using your usual debugging tools should feel like second nature.