Define Testability Features in Your User Stories

02/03/20161 Min Read — In Testing

Not every little thing can live in your definition of done. I know, I get it.

The problem is that user stories and Jira tickets typically don't have enough functional requirements. This causes a drain on your dev/test team to fill in the gaps. Sucks but it's a v. typical status quo.

Asking for non-functional requirements is part of your job as a tester if your FA/PM/UX team ain't providing it.Yes, on top of squeezing ambiguities out of the specs and unearthing secrets of the system.

If you've got a robust process, you might have made some headway on the big three: Security! Accessibility! Performance! and depending on your group, Documentation! This is great and shoutout to you and your team for being ahead of the pack.

But make no mistake, Testability should be a requirement of the feature you're developing if you want that feature tested. Period.