Enforcing a Project Schedule With Slack and Gcal

11/11/20171 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

You have your project all planned out. Your communications plan is ready to go. The kick-off deck is ready for the meeting. The team is all lined up. They've had buy-in participating in the estimations. You've mapped out the critical path. The SOW is all signed. You have a ship date and all your sprints planned out. You're ready to go.

OK. Put your mouth where your mouth is. Add your meetings, milestones, and dates into a shared project calendar and let a robot be the heartbeat and ticking clock of your project so you don't have to.

  • Add sprint bookends in (first day, last day)
  • Add daily standups (with call-in info)
  • Add sprint retros (with an agenda!)
  • Add backlog groomings
  • Add a countdown to ship date
  • Add dependency due dates
  • Add post-ship closure items (wind downs)
  • Add No P1s, No P2s, No P3s goal dates
  • Add holidays
  • Add team member time away
  • Add tasks!
  • Add everything!

This means you can have a calendar to review and you can add a Slack integration to your channels to let people know what the status is, when meetings change, if the dates slip, etc. This means you don't have to be seen as the mother hen or squeaky wheel. The team planned out the project and the project schedule emits itself automatically. If you've planned in some squish or flexibility, make calendar management part of your weekly check-ins or sprint planning activities.