Getting Rid of My Older Tech Books

12/18/20121 Min Read — In Career, Office

Any interest? Hit me or Craigslist up, I have more!!

Computer books are the worst thing to invest in as they are out of date before they are even printed.

The thirst for knowledge can't be quenched without a stack of O'Reillys at your bedside, can it?

Here we have a stack of books that no longer serve my uses. Maybe though, you could get some use out of them?

Any sane Mac Sysadmin is going to still be running 10.6 Server still so those are pretty fresh. I guess the Perl & Cocoa books, not so much.

Anyway, that's up to you. Please take these away from me. They are gently used and free. FREE.

Please. Please take them away from me. Impress your dates. Fill out the gaps in your bookshelf. Learn a new [old] language.

Anyway, you're interested. Which means you can come pick them up from me on Capitol Hill. There are about four bags worth. I am carless so I can't really do anything with them.

But you. You can come and pick 'em up and take them away from me, right? Give them a good, loving home. Hug and hold them tight?

Ping me and tell me you love JavaScript! Tell me you're not afraid to download some ancient Python tar ball! Show me your neck beard! I will show you a stack of free books and genuine gratitude!

Please! Help!

stack of technical books