Glitches and Jank

11/11/20181 Min Read — In Career, Testing

I recently heard about a young gamer going after in-game bugs to exploit errors for goods. This gamer calls it glitching.

Designers and front end devs have been calling it jenk or Janky. How to get a jank free UI. Etc.

Then you've got chaos engineering. They think it's not testing. It unequivocally is.

No one wants to acknowledge that all of this is software testing and quality assurance.

Is it ignorance? Or just that QA has such a stench around it no one wants near it. It's a career killer. An income reducer.

Decades of bad staffing and worst practices have lead us here. To have anything good and of real value be called something else to get and stay very far away from QA.

I completely understand and agree. Time to run away and build anew.