I just learned about Bullet Journals

01/11/20181 Min Read — In Office

The amount of things I must document to survive the work day is enormous. I pretty much always have a notebook or two and a fist full of pens at the ready. I have stacks of filled journals. It's my number one ubiquitous capture device. Up until today, however, I didn't really have a good system behind it. For notes that were items to follow up on, I had a specific symbol. When I would go back and review notes, I would take a highlighter to things that turned out to be more important than I knew at the moment of capture. Not much of a system at all.

Today I learned what bullet journals are. It's a whole system. It's kind of stupid, writing your to-do list over and over again but with an index and key system. Who has time for any of that? I'm sure it works for the inventor but it's now become #bujo and it's a life of its own. Instagram it and you will see all manner of Millennial and Gen Y types doing what amounts to scrapbooking. Nothing new under the sun, dweebs.

The good parts are planning parts. That's what I care about. Sitting down and thinking and planning and getting prepared for the day, week, quarter. I find this soothing. I use engaged activity to avoid rumination, as a depression/anxiety management tool. It's sort of like Zentangle doodling to occupy your mind. Bullet journaling is perfect for this. I engage, make a plan, make it pretty, have a system.

pink bullet journal