I Spam Links And You Should Too

02/04/20191 Min Read — In Career

My last team and the team before know that I share links to articles and tools constantly.

When you're in the tech industry you have to stay up to date and informed. Keep a pulse on what's new and what's next. Watch for gradual and sudden shifts in thinking and approaches.

I have a system for wrangling an insane amount of content via RSS + listservs + Slack + Discord + Reddit + Twitter. When I find something worth reading and then find it's worth sharing, I will post it and I don't care if no one cares.

I do all this work to keep myself and my team up to date. If we all share quality stuff, we won't have to search so hard for it. It's started so many great conversations. And serves as a beacon. A particularly powerful article can change company culture. Spark inspiration. Nudge process improvements.

Sharing really is caring. Try it out. If someone is already doing this emotional labor, give them a break and pitch in!