Let Go and Let Jira

10/19/20171 Min Read — In Project Management

After years of deftly avoiding it and begrudgingly tolerating it when unavoidable, I'm now implementing it. This is how mind-blowingly awful the out of box experience is with Mingle. Apparently Mingle is highly configurable and my team has seen it not suck before but no one can figure it out. To be absolutely clear: Mingle is a net-negative and actively harmful to the team and project. It's an alpha that should have never made it to beta. What an utter shit-show.

So I did it. I advocated for Jira and in doing so, elected myself as the Jiramaster. Whupz.

It wasn't that bad. Setting up the workflows is mind-numbing if you're trying to be too clever. Just keep it simple. Can a card suddenly get Blocked regardless of current state? Of course it can, let it move to Blocked no matter what. Should a ticket be triaged more than once? Go build that in. Should a developer be allowed to skip testing? Yes but make them add a comment to back it up. If a story demands subtasks, auto-triage them so you don't have to needlessly triage them. Leverage smart integrations with your code. When a pull request has been merged, go ahead and move the state of the card. Whatever your process is, Jira can adapt to it and enforce it. I can't say I like it but I can survive it.