Looking for Seattle-based Digital Agency Project Manager

06/01/20182 Min Read — In Hiring, Office, Project Management

Project management isn't just running standup and updating a Google document. It's a creative and strategic position. Are you a highly-organized self-starter who can manage the details without losing sight of the big picture? We're looking for a project manager with technical and agency chops. The tasks and work you will be doing includes:

  • Staff resource planning & utilization, including updating hours on a weekly basis in a tracker system.
  • Oversees the project deliverables and ensuring that they map to the business objectives.
  • Dual ability to maintain the broad vision for executing a project as well as overseeing the small details that add up to fulfilling the commitment to the client.
  • Provide team day-to-day leadership; work with the leads to ensure project success within budget, timeline, and scope.
  • Document meetings and share out Notes and Action Items.
  • Document general goings on in a project log for risks, decisions, events, etc
  • Oversee the creation of goals and strategy throughout the project.
  • Co-Responsible for project profitability (AM owns profitability and PMs contribute to the refinement of this reporting); plan, track and approve project expenses, billing, and invoices.
  • Communicate expectations to the client, team members and manage the process from assessment and definition, creative & technical design, production, and development, testing and launch.
  • Create and oversee project schedule; ensure timely completion through all phases; take lead on quality control issues; write and present project plans/risks in collaboration with other team members.
  • Build relationships with existing clients; participate in the RFP process (partial involvement - assesses Level of Effort/Estimate for gaps); contribute to client presentations with appropriate team members and directors.
  • Look for opportunities to further increase client engagement through additional disciplines, funneling feature requests into change orders.

We’re a small digital agency in Seattle. We do a lot of web development and have clients big and small. We’ve been around for more than a decade. We don’t have a ping-pong table or a beer tap in the kitchen and we don’t want that either. We go home at a reasonable hour and work from home when we feel the call. Join us.

What we’re really looking for is culture fit. Someone who...
...knows when to leverage agile principles or waterfall methods or something else entirely.
...isn’t going to blindly follow PMI without questioning the context.
...can meaningfully lead a team.
... is willing to be the umbrella to protect the team while also keeping them informed.
...can post silly gifs to Slack while also holding the client accountable to deliver required project dependencies.
...will templatize their work while also crafting specific solutions for client needs.
...empowers their team to be self-mobilizing but is also aware that the team needs leadership.
...values coworker relationships but also seeks work-life balance.
...knows when the client is asking for a boiled ocean and can find a solution that meets everyone's needs.
...loves spreadsheets.
...is ready to ship.

Please reach out with a resume and some information about yourself, a cover letter would be great, letting us know what you are looking for. If you have a blog, GitHub, Medium, Twitter, etc, where you talk about these things, include that too.