Looking Once Again for JS Devs

02/20/20191 Min Read — In Hiring

It's that time again, Hunting for JavaScript Contractors Again! we're Looking for Seattle-based Mid-to-Sr JavaScript Devs

These are the things the bossman is looking for. Do you have them? Give them to us! For money! We're nice, I swear!

  • Correctly using ES6 features including generators, destructuring, spreading, and map/reduce.
  • Strong skills with HTML & CSS layout, including with non-flexbox/non-grid browsers.
  • Consistent use of good Git practices e.g. feature/integration branching and pull requests.
  • Applies a consistent rigor towards their definition of "done".
  • Understands the utility and importance of software testing of all types.
  • Consistently prioritizes accessibility in their UI work (per WCAG)
  • Able to work well with others as well as self-supervise
  • Reliable and proactive expectation setting
  • Experience with React + Redux applications
  • Experience with progressive web apps and web workers
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Strong understanding of RESTful HTTP communication

If you wanna talk about it, hit me up and I'll get you taken care of!