My First Windows Computer

10/16/20171 Min Read — In Office, Testing, Development

My new project is Windows-heavy. I have up to this point made a career out of avoiding anything to do with Web or Windows. Now I'm doing both and feeling a bit lost. To better myself and get some rudimentary Windows skills, I did it, I broke down and got a Surface Laptop.

It's adorable and actually pretty fantastic. The OS is a shitshow but what can you expect as a former *nix sysadmin? The touch-screen makes sense if you've got the version that comes in two pieces, I do not. Now I live in fear of someone borrowing my machine and breaking it in half. But it's pretty. The burgundy called out to me. Why shouldn't I have a pink laptop? The surface of the Surface is not quite cloth but has a very pleasing texture. I thought it might get gross but I think it's just going to get dull after a while.

My first act was to get Bash and Zsh running and that was pretty easy. It's still clunky to use but it's a nice change of pace. We'll see if it's enough to be a permanent switch or just a novelty. Either way, not feeling like a power-user means my brain has stuff to learn and that's the most enticing part.