Networking Is Important But Its About What You Can Do For Others

06/28/20181 Min Read — In Career

Code school advice around getting into tech is all about networking but it's so often voiced in terms of what a connection might lead to suit or benefit you. That kind of thinking is self-serving hogwash and not based on reciprocity.

You should be looking for people that you can help. That you have something they do not that you can offer to them. Listen to them and find where your skills fill a gap. Find a way to be of service. It doesn't have to be hard labor. Connect like-minded people. Shout out someone's work on social media. Buy some art. Trade services. Be a mentor. Whatever makes sense.

I don't think everyone out there all the time needs to be doing free emotional labor for others. We just need to start from a place of service. Be a contributing participant in your community. It's about knowing what you have to offer and looking for opportunities to use your skills, power, privilege, network, etc for someone else. Even if you think you don't have anything to give. In a community, it will only come back to you and you will have earned it.