Not Having a Web Site is Like Not Having a Resume

08/18/20171 Min Read — In Hiring

My dearest code school grads, my career switching friends, my been around a long time peers. It's 2017 and you will be Googled. If you ever plan to work for money, for a job or for your self, the people who will be paying you will be researching you. A resume is nice and helps but it's given about 20 seconds of attention.

If you are applying for a front end web developer job and all you have is a boot camp stack of projects and no personal website, you are getting pushed down the stack against those who do have a site.

I'll forgive you if it's a SquareSpace, I'll understand if it's a GitHub pages, I will make a frowny face if it's a GoDaddy but give you a pass. Just don't NOT have one.