Now Hiring: QA @ Black Pixel

08/20/20132 Min Read — In Hiring, Office, Testing


The kind of QA person we're looking for will know as much about the current state of the application's requirements as any developer, designer, or project manager. They will know the ins and outs of iOS, OS X & Android and will be experienced enough to know the kinds of edge cases and transitions that can come up with apps on these platforms.

You're expected to be great at what you do, a creative and deep thinker who is constantly sharpening their saw. You will wield your skills, heuristics and platform knowledge like a powerful weapon. You will utilize tools, find oracles and be able to generate mock data on the fly. You will be able to show your work and explain and defend your tactics to any stakeholder.

You should have the ability to deftly function as a Test Lead as well as take a more junior role when the situation requires it. You should be able to write test cases, plans, and documentation just as well as you perform ad hoc exploratory testing sessions.

Your areas of prowess should cover security issues, accessibility paradigms, localization, UX patterns, ability to proof for both style and error, UI anomalies, soft skills, regression strategies and everything in between.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will be dictated by the project and your team, underscored by your process enhancements and skill honing. Your testing will be guided by the appropriate context for the feature and sprint at hand. The goal is to provide maximum value to the team, product owners, stakeholders and end users alike. The core responsibilities cover:

  • Test Planning

  • reconnaissance & research

  • strategic planning
  • finding and utilizing oracles
  • establishing heuristics
  • utilize common approach tactics
  • Test Documents
  • create and maintain documents
  • write simple test cases
  • writing complex user stories
  • generate crafty exploratory test charters
  • Test Data

  • manage test environments

  • generate mock data
  • realistic contrived scenarios
  • repeatable and reusable test case data

  • Test Tools

  • research appropriate tools
  • write testing and test environment tools
  • implement automation as applicable

  • Testing Software

  • interpreting customer reported issues

  • logging defects against specifications
  • hunting down bugs & reproducing
  • Testing Project Administration
  • case validation and verification
  • defect case filing & triaging
  • progress reporting
  • self assessment


  • Agile process knowledge
  • Unthwarted by ambiguity and resilient in the face of confusion
  • Comfortable around the command line
  • Strong familiarity with iOS and OS X, Android and web services
  • Git & Subversion experience
  • Endless curiosity and boundless imagination
  • Knowledge of UI, UX, IA
  • Experience testing for diverse audiences
  • Ability to deal with wide range of defect management tools
  • Strong defect reporting ability
  • Excellent communication
  • Unparalleled organizational skills
  • DevOps familiarity
  • Public examples of your work
  • Experience with Xcode & Android Studio/ADT
  • Minimum of 2 years software testing career history


In addition to being a cool job in a great industry, this position also offers:

  • Competitive salary
  • Great health insurance plan, including spouses, domestic partners, and children


We are an iOS and OS X shop in lovely Seattle, WA. You can learn more about us here:

As we have headquarters at the top of lovely Queen Anne Hill, testers based in Seattle will be preferred to those who are not. Some telecommuting available.

If you think you're a good match for this position, please send your resumé, examples of your work and a cover letter to