Please Relax: Acupuncture, Massage

08/30/20171 Min Read — In Office

I've been work-stressed lately, moving off one giant project and directly onto another. All those things I had wanted to do but never got around to. All those loose ends. All the ramping up and onboarding onto a whole other thing. It was enough to make me physically sick. I had worked myself into a giant neck strain so bad I couldn't get out of bed for two days. Yowzer. When I finally made it to a walk-in clinic, they asked me about work and whatnot, I told them of stressing myself out into this whole mess. The doctor immediately asked if I worked at Amazon. Ouch. Apparently, they get hordes of sickly tech workers in the same state. I got some sleep meds and more importantly, a recommendation to chill the heck out.

I took it to heart. I booked my first ever acupuncture appointment and massage therapy for that same day. A 45min needle poking and a 30min neck massage were enough to get me mobile again. So I booked a few more. After that week, I finally realized that I should have been doing those two things the whole time. I always saw massage as a thing rich jerks with too much money did. Wow, I was really wrong. It's maintenance. Just like going to the gym and eating right. I have some misgivings about acupuncture but I think it's undeniable that small injuries can provoke your bodies healing response which is obviously beneficial. And being forced to be still and quiet with needles coming out of your body is essentially a forced meditation. Either way, I urge you to consider these things whether you are stressed or not. No help is coming, you gotta take care of yourself.