PM: The Post Ship Follow Up

04/10/20171 Min Read — In Project Management, Resources

Begin with the end in mind, as they say. Your client services team should have a plan for what happens after the boat is in the water. You don't want to just disappear on your client. It's a relationship between you and your team, your team and the client and the by proxy, their users. Use a schedule like the sample below to help stay organzied and not leave your clients hanging.

Hand Off Schedule

  • 1-2 weeks before Handoff (or later) – Case study, if we can disclose, for marketing purposes and future Web site updates, even if we never publish something like that, we should log the info somewhere.
  • Handoff day – Launch announcement - to your internal team. Maybe include a little demo or test creds? Shout Outs. Gas up your team. Show thanks. Give credit.
  • Handoff + 1 day – Closeout Freshbooks/Harvest/Billing - Go through and make sure all hours are 1) accounted for, and 2) billed to the correct task 3) invoiced.
  • Handoff + 1 day – Closeout Jira/Trello/Asana - Prioritize remaining items and move into Future Enhancements milestone.
  • Handoff + 1 day – Do a final cost report, and share with CxOs (your senior leadership team probably has a specific format for this)
  • Handoff + 1 day – Provide feedback on team members to their director/manager. Provide a context and examples. Highlight strengths and if necessary places where there’s room for improvement. Perhaps suggest types of projects that the person is best suited for (to help them succeed in the future!)
  • Handoff + 2-3 days – Consider sending out a project feedback survey to the implementation team (including former team members). Google forms are good for this.
  • Handoff + (no later than) 2 weeks – Follow up with a Retrospective and invite entire team + internal stakeholders. Before the meeting, summarize the survey feedback and have an agenda prepared for the meeting with the key takeaways from the input.
  • Handoff + 1 month – Reach out to the client for follow up work (assuming your team wants to continue the relationship). Approx one month post Handoff.
  • Post Handoff check-ins - Feel this out by client, schedule it on your calendar, make a Google alert for when you hear about them in the news, send a Christmas card, whatever, this one is squishy so go with your team culture. Be sure your team maintains a connection with satisfied clientele.