Refactoring UI

12/14/20181 Min Read — In Career, Resources, Development

Today I grabbed the much anticipated Refactoring UI: Book by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger. I follow both of them on Twitter but really became interested in the project after watching a livestream where they quickly make the marketing front page using Tailwind CSS.

I think every non-designer web developer could get value out of this book. No one is really trying to put designers out of a job but I think it's more of a meeting in the middle, given the constant pressure on designers to be developers, now it's the other side. Each side can do a bit better in each other's fields. And when you need to crank something out, don't have resources for design and just want things to not be a total janky mess, this is perfect. I read it in one sitting which made me a little cranky that it wasn't that dense but the guides and videos make up for it, I think.

Check it out! Refactoring UI: Book