Rotating Your Stand Up To Keep Everyone Engaged

11/12/20171 Min Read — In Project Management

I'm really allergic to forcing standup into the out-of-the-box shape at all costs. You can still meet the intention while iterating on the process.

  • Do you read off the project tracker? if not, try it.
  • Do you have a mixed presence? Try alternating who goes first
  • Do you have an assigned order? go backward
  • Do you just go in a circle? try calling on people.
  • Do you do Parking Lot? Write it on the board first.
  • Do you bring up blockers/impediments? Call them out first.
  • Do you have people going into status mode? Ask questions.
  • Do you have people taking too much airtime? set a timer.
  • Does it feel too negative? Add a Shout Outs at the end
  • Does the team only communicate at this meeting? Force them to do it all electronically

Do whatever you want. Scrum is not the boss of you. Agile is an adjective. Lead your team. Be accountable. Hold people accountable. Give people a voice. Give people a choice. Iterate and self organize. Don't needlessly force your team into a status meeting because you don't know how to manage them or stay informed.