SEO For Beginners Class at General Assembly

03/19/20181 Min Read — In Development

I recently realized the only thing I know about SEO is that having good AX/a11y and a good mobile experience was good for SEO. I saw that the local General Assembly school had an inexpensive beginners class. Turns out I got a free pass so I took one of my Jr Devs along for the ride.

I'm not sure either of us got much out of it. This is a summary of my notes

  • Titles should always be unique
  • Bounce rate matters
  • Use literally every tool Google provides
  • Manage your redirects better
  • Go for little keywords first
  • 1 page per topic
  • there is a whole role out there called Technical SEO
  • internally link the shit out of your own content
  • have good content or great content, no filler
  • microformats are still a thing, they just look different now