Slightly Smiling Face

11/15/20181 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

A recent Slack exchange in a Project Mangement group. I hang out in too many Slack channels. Why are people like this? Please call out bullshit when you see it.

Christine [Nov 14th at 5:14 AM] Hi everyone! Here's a calculator to help one figure out the app development timeframe and cost. Explore and see if you find it useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me [Nov 14th at 1:28 PM] Setting aside my aversion to salesy dark UX patterns, and further going against general internet security wisdom, I relented based on sheer curiosity. Imagine my deep regret when after submitting my personal info across the wire and answering all questions in earnest, I did not get an instantaneous email reply. Useful to whom?