Sourcing Resources When You're Not a Resourcer

02/15/20192 Min Read — In Career, Hiring

Sourcing candidates is hard, recruiting is a whole ass profession. I don't do it as my primary job but it's a critical component of being succuessful at my work. I don't have any official experience but this is how I expand my network and widen the net.

Your Network

  • reach out to your staff and ask around
  • post to your personal blog
  • always mention to your personal network that you are hiring

The Marketing Site

  • have a Jobs/Career landing page
  • post a listing with a date and current specs
  • have a careers@ or jobs@ email


  • post to your feed, corny but it works
  • use a freebie job listing if you can, otherwise the paid version is per applicant and people LOVE to spam apply, bad $$signal to noise but decent candidates


  • link out to a listing, spam your friends and colleagues, beg for retweets, use hashtags, whatever is least gross to you


  • post to relevant Slacks that you participate in, don't be a leech
  • Locally I post to: Front End Devs, SeattleJS, SeattleJS Hackers,, A11y, Womenintech, etc


  • cool teens and open sourceresses have and continue to move to Discord so you should too
  • like Slack, particpate in the community and follow the posting guidelines, I like Reactiflux, Vueland, etc


  • alternately, another place that may welcome job listings is your subject specific Spectrum board of choice


  • costs money but interesting sampling of candidates that don't have a lot of crossover elsewhere, not as bad as you would think

Indeed, Dice, Monster, ZipRecruiter

  • awful, avoid like the plague, Indeed is almost OK the others are straight trash, do not bother


  • good visibility, decent quality of applicants, the least worst of the big ones, i think you can list for 7-30ish days for free
  • make sure your listing has decent info/feedback, don't be a cop and beg your team to leave nice reviews, just be nice


  • setup a hiring profile
  • takes a lot of back and forth and hard to get locals, there is a fee
  • probably good for when you need to grab designers quickly, devs are a little harder

Code Schoolers

  • connect with school reps for their listings/candidates/sites, Galvanize has a portal, CodeFellows has an awful portal there will be someone there more than happy to take your call
  • present at lunch and learns or whatever their equivalent is for connecting directly with students in a one to many setup
  • General Assembly, Code Fellows have pretty good programs for talks
  • Galvanize has a capstone project showcase and Hack Reactor does too, show up and collect info

  • present at topic specific groups for the thing you are hiring for
  • many have a mid-talk opportunity to let people know if you're hiring and if not, they always start late for networking so grab some cards and go shake hands

I don't know what real recruiters do but this stuff has worked well for me in the past. If you are a JavaScript developer looking for work in Seattle, reach out!