Swapped to Gatsby, Goodbye Wordpress

05/02/20191 Min Read — In Development, Resources

Ditching my old site

This blog is more of a personal career journal and work blog, so it makes sense to keep it in my personal site, instead of my biz site.

I've also had to deal with more than enough of being hacked to bits.

I don't know how I feel about all the accessibility drama but it sure didn't help.

The Cool Kids Are Using Gatsby

I tried Gridsome before Gatsby but they seem not that different. I'm trying to curb my natural allergy to the React ecosystem. I'm not saying it's good or bad but I've been in React land for my day job for 5 years now and Vue just felt more friendly to me.

It Didn't Take Too Long

Export your WP content, use a tool to scrape it into markdown, gatsby-wordpress-migrate and exitwp should each give you half of what you actually need. Then use your bash skills to make your folder structure and file names how you actually need them. You can pretty much lean on any decent text editor to clean up a lot of the file cruft. A few very simplistic regexes will get you there. You will want to use Prettier to do some of the lifting on your mangled articles, you will be baffled as to how fucky your WP content is. What you really need to figure out it getting your images to play along nicely and smartly updating your links. I really have no interest in putting up redirects from my old site. I want to burn it down.

What is still vexing me is trying to figure out the least stupid way to manage drafts, I have opted to just use a drafts directory and name the folder by the article name, since blogs are named by date, it just seems to make sense. Unfortunately, I have a 1 to 1 ratio of drafts to live posts, shipping is hard.

Well, that and pagination. I picked a not great template for that. Dammnit, now I have to actually learn React,


If you have the notion to do it, getting a reasonable starter and doing 80% of the work in a single work day is totaly feasible.

It's the other 80% that's going to have you faffing about.