Tester Triangulation

10/03/20151 Min Read — In Testing

How do I let my team know where I'm at in my testing?

On the one hand, overreporting and unutilized documentation is a waste of resources. On the other, you want to keep your team informed and up to date.

Passive Triangulation.

Through your normal day-to-day interactions, allow your team to know what the testing status is by being an information radiator.

Locating a point is done through triangulation. These three points should be part of your normal flow. If you keep on top of them.

  • Evidential! let the team know what you plan to do before you do it: here is the test plan and strategy for our project/sprint/feature.
  • Inferential! utilize comms for casual announce: posting in chatrooms or saying in meetings what you are focused on, otherwise interacting with the team & asking questions
  • Reportative! bug reports filed: direct evidence & findings

If the only feedback a tester gives to the team is their bug reporting, they become a black box, instead of doing black box.