Thank U Nuxt

01/21/20191 Min Read — In Development

I wrote a pretty simple Vue.js site, just winging it. When I was done enough I realized I didn't have a good way to deal with "page" titles or meta header tags. And my performance was not snappy at all. I quickly figured out that you can get really far, really fast with Vue CLI but Nuxt had allllllll the stuff I wanted out of the box and the onboarding got me to try Tailwind CSS.

When I used Vue CLI 2 for that project, I fell in LOOOOVE with Vue and it made me want to actually learn JS. But then Nuxt came in and it's pretty much game over. I'm super chuffed.

So, thank you Nuxt for showing me what's next. Also, TailwindCSS kicks ass and you should try it.