Truly Great and Bad

02/01/20191 Min Read — In Career, Testing

My pal and former colleague mentioned recently

I won't pretend that I'm truly great but I have seen some truly bad.

The spectrum of things that fall under Testing and Quality Assurance is vast and wide. I tend toward the Modern Testing, TestOps, Context Driven, Agile Testing communities. My clients, on the other hand are the opposite and embodiment of the many things certain communities I align with spill a lot of ink railing against. The separation of teams, the lack of automation, the blame game, the hyper focus on test cases, the outsourcing to the lowest bidder, and staffing with the least compentent.

Unfortunately this is the only interaction and knowledge the stakeholders have of "QA" so selling our services is darn near impossible. They don't know that good testers make design suggestions, make implementation decisions, set up pipeliens, are included in every white board session, are deeply technical, perform code reviews, triage a backlog, fix trivial bugs, design solutions.

Testers get out of the QA racket, if you ever want to get away out of this schism.