Use Post Feature In Slack for Meeting Prep and Follow Up

03/01/20181 Min Read — In Office, Project Management

Aligning your team and having a plan is critical. No question about that. For a low-friction way to get that and build a culture around your team so they self-organize that way, you can use this small feature in Slack.

Have you ever spun up a Google doc or spreadsheet to help collaborate before a big or small client meeting? Had to add people or send out the link? Format it and wrangle people to actually contribute? For as much as I love a good shared google doc, it can be a pain and feel like overkill.

Here comes the Post feature in Slack. In the input box, click the plus button to the left and choose Post. This will give you a new window that acts like document. You can scaffold out all the sections you will need for the meeting, like Action Items, Decisions, Questions, etc. Put the meeting date/time info at the top. When you post your Post, you can then let your team edit the item. This gives a high-visibility way to quickly collaborate and align the team. Even if not everyone edits, they can see what's going on and keep themselves apprised.

This means that anyone could run the meeting and hit all the critical points for the team. We can also then, after the meeting, fill in all the blanks for questions and next steps. Everyone is clear what the outcomes were and who's on deck for what. If this was a client facing meeting, you can use this as the base to your followup email (you're doing those aren't you? you HAVE TO! or someone does!).