What Sheree Uses

Stuff they use in their day to day work life.

Hardware & Tangibles

They have more computers than seems reasonable but they have their own home office and do an incredible amount of software testing and development.

Dev Tools & Coding Setup

Development is only part of my gig, I don't know what "real" devs do but it's working for me.

  • VSCode - I just use whatever my devs use, it's nice enough

  • Xcode - am i the only person out there that prefers it?

  • Android Studio - luv2 emulate crappy devices

  • Docker - do you really need to containerize it?

  • Jenkins - i know there are a million options out there but a local dockerized jenkins doing my bidding is awfully nice

  • Dank Mono - nice dev typeface, worth the money

  • Dash - docs Docs DOCS

  • ZSH/Oh my ZSH - pretty much only use the git aliases and shell themes

  • Yonce - who run the world ?

  • Vue - not to be needlessly contrarian to my React-heavy workplace but because fuck facebook

  • Tower - CLI is great but I spend a lot of time just browsing the commit history

  • Gcloud tools - plz don't make me learn AWS

  • CodeRunner - for local experiments because I'm always up in someone else's stack and codebase

  • FireFox Dev Tools - Chrome is OK and all but FF is my daily driver for devwork

Test Tools

Testing is basically taking all the dev stuff and then adding a ton of extra fun.

  • Literally every browser they can get their hands on

  • Choosy - is there an Ubuntu or Windows tool that does the same sweet jesus they need it.

  • VMWare - mostly just Fusion, even my scads of computers aren't enough

  • Postman - to wrangle their API

  • Charles Proxy - luv 2 sniff ur traffic

  • Mongohub - for browsing data, which I do a lot

  • Skitch - the old one, before they ruined it, still works, still the best

  • Cypress - slightly less awful than dealing with Selenium, UI tests are still the devil

  • More AX tools than I can keep track of

  • Browserstack - browser testing is less important than it used to be but ya still gotta do it

  • Blisk.io - live reloading for mobile desktop makes my web local dev much easier

  • Lighthouse - accessibility NOW! also a pretty decent perf indicator

Cool Tools

All these tools crossover the dev/test barrier and help keep them sane.

  • 1Password - wish the cross OS experience was better

  • Alfred - mostly just for clipboard history, it can do so much more!

  • TextExpander - why would I type all that shit out every time, my god

  • Kaleidoscope - I will love you to the end of time

  • Sketch - can't wait to see what you have in store

  • MindNode Pro - like whiteboarding, how I brainstorm

  • Notable - I use this as a git based Markdown wiki

  • Deckset - I don't give enough talks but when I do you bet your ass they are in Markdown

  • Pixelmator - for quick img edits

  • Markdown Pro - Mou.app died and I have yet to find a suitable alternative

  • IAWriter - for deep thoughts so like once a year

  • Encrypt.me - VPN zzz

  • NetNewsWire - I read the entire web every single day

  • Lil Snitch - i will block you so fast you little shit

  • SuperDuper - is our children backing up they data?

  • Discord - gotta keep up with the cool teens

  • Slack - only critical orgs go in the app, the rest relagated to the browser

  • RescueTime - you would think years of billing by the hour would have taught me to timetrack but no

Continuous Learning

Gotta keep fresh and up to date. I use these and Twitter/RSS to keep up with things.