Vision for the QA/Test Team

10/18/20171 Min Read — In Testing, Career
  • Be proactive, not reactive: build programs that reflect where the business/team is going not where it’s historically been.
  • Kill sacred cows, kill your darlings: the traditions and ideas that got you where you are may not get you where you need to go. Be willing to let go of anything that doesn’t get you to future state/vision.
  • Ask for harsh feedback, demand rigorous honesty: don’t ask what’s working; ask what isn’t. Fix it. Get bugs on your and the team itself.
  • Embrace transparency, radiate information: share metrics/actions/tools/info that feels uncomfortable but drive better conversations.
  • Leave your desk-your team has to be in the business to understand, live and breathe it: you can’t learn that sitting solely in the test department. look alive!
  • Lead don’t follow—test teams are too often order takers versus movers and shakers: build a team of people with a bias to act and lead versus observe and follow. Empower them.