You Can Contribute to Code Reviews Even If You Do Not Code

09/12/20161 Min Read — In Project Management, Testing

As a QA or TPM who doesn't code (or maybe isn't for this particular project) but is participating in the development process and is reasonably responsible for the quality of the system, you should absolutely be paying attention to pull requests. You can add value even if you don't know the language or how to code at all. Things you can easily sniff out might be:

  • typos in strings
  • superfluous comments
  • commented out code
  • hardcoded values/strings
  • WIP noise
  • bad naming
  • general risk areas
  • accidental deletions
  • global versus local issues
  • boilerplate
  • build output/cruft
  • license issues

Don't be shy. If you see something, say something!