Your Project Deserves Its Own 1password Vault

04/17/20181 Min Read — In Ops, Office, Project Management

Of course you care about security and of course, you wouldn't just sticky note the Jenkins admin password to your lead dev's monitor. Perish the thought!

For any non-trivial project, you will have to be managing keys, creds, certs and other secrets. This is an excellent use case for a project-specific 1Password vault. This means you can utilize your existing Dropbox project share to store it. You'll only have to worry about sharing that one master vault password. The team can keep the vault up to date as the project progresses. You can even include it as part of your project deliverables.

In 1Password, select the vault chooser in the upper left corner. Select New Vault -> Standalone Vault. Give it a good project-specific name and strong password with hint. Then open the application preferences and choose Sync. This will allow you to sync the vault with your project folder in Dropbox.

new vault sync